About the photographer, Claire

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi I am Claire, congratulations on finding ‘The One’!! 🙂

I can’t wait to find out about your planned big day and I hope that I can be a very big help in making that day last forever!

First off you are going to want to know if we are a good fit right?

I am not sure if you have ever booked a photographer?  Probably not for such an important occasion I guess.  Its really, really, important that you like me and I like you.

Your wedding photography is a very personal, intimate and expensive decision to make ad you absolutely have to hire someone who ‘gets you’ right?

So I always insist on meeting you for a good-old traditional cuppa BEFORE any money changes hands.  No really!

The Ladies Competition image - Wedding Photographer in Thanet, Kent

That way you can

  • get to know me a bit better – if you hire me we will be spending a lot of time together on the most important day of your life!

  • learn about how I can help you – and give you some insights you may not have thought about.  Did you know its best to practice your first dance with me? (cringe??)

  • understand that I do not do ‘hard sell’ (YUK!)

  • find out why I LOVE what I do and will move heaven and earth to make sure you are happy.

  • decide if you think I am the right fit for you, you should trust your gut instinct here.  Visit all your wedding vendors and meet them face-to-face

  • learn about how I can protect you against the worst happening with regards your photos (more than just having insurance too!)

I really really care about the Wedding photography I produce and I want you to be deliriously happy with it.

So drop me a line today and we can arrange that cuppa 🙂

Even if after we meet you decide not to choose me to be your photographer – at least I will have been able to help you find the decision-making process a little easier.  Choosing the wrong photographer could be devastating.

And if you DO choose me..

I will guide you through the process of getting the images you want, show you how to have a great time and look your best in front of the camera (not just mine but ANY camera).  We will meet again several times before the big day and I will cover everything to make sure it all goes perfectly right.

I liase with your venue, catering, videographer, Vicar and any other important or relevant vendors so they all know what I will be doing and when.

I am like a stealth ninja – you will hardly know i’m there taking photos.

I will advise you on how I work, how to ‘pose’ (and anyone else in the pictures) and what final products that will suit you best (that’s right, getting a disc-full of digital files you’ll barely look at again and will maybe ‘get round to printing’ one day probably isn’t the best option really) and how to deal with ‘Uncle Bob’!!

Kind regards

Claire x

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