Welcome to Magic Hands Photography in Kent

I am Claire and I will be your assistant AND photographer.

Am I the perfect photographer for your needs?

Us photographers are creative types and, much like art, our style and personality MUST match your tastes, or it’s never going to work.


That’s why I have created complimentary consultations for YOU.  You can either grab an appointment to come have a natter at my home studio (where there are teas, coffees and yummy treats)

or I am more than happy to meet with you elsewhere (although a long journey might get me asking for a bit of petrol money to be fair)

If you are too far to travel then I am also happy to do Skype or Phone consultations too.

That way you can

  • get to know me a bit better before spending a single penny
  • learn about how I can help you – and give you some insights you may not have thought about
  • understand that I do not do ‘hard sell’ (YUK!)
  • find out why I LOVE what I do and will move heaven and earth to make sure you are happy.
  • decide if you think I am the right fit for you, trust your gut instinct here.
  • learn about my GUARANTEE so even if we do the shoot you are still protected against


I care about the photography I produce and I want you to be happy.

So why not drop me a line and we can arrange a meet-up to discuss whether I am the right choice for your needs.

I know that by now you might have looked at ‘a thousand’ websites – all of them promising much of the same thing.  How the heck are you supposed to narrow things down and choose the right person?

Choosing the wrong photographer can be more devastating that you first think.

Ben and Sarah Ceremony (28)

Most photographers will NOT tell you the ‘insider secrets’ about why things are priced the way they are and how photographers are regulated and insured.

It’s not until you have spent your hard-earned trying to get the dream images for your wedding day or the perfect family portrait to adorn your barest wall only for it all to look terrible when you get it back, that you realise a ‘ten a penny tog’ might have been a bad idea after all.  You either have to start the process again (if you can – it’s not like you can get married again), or give up.  Forever left with a bitter taste when you bring out the pictures to show your loved-ones (if you ever do).

For me that would be unbearable.  Let me help.  I expect nothing for it (except the hope that you will like me and my work, thus feeling confident in booking me).

Even if you decide not to choose me to be your photographer – at least I will have been able to help you find the decision-making process a little easier.

picture of a baby with her parents weddings rings newborn photographer in kent

And if you DO choose me..

During your shoot I will guide youthrough the process of getting the images you want, show you how to have a great time and look your best in front of the camera (not just mine but ANY camera).

I will advise you on what to wear for the shoot day (and anyone else in the pictures) and what final products that will suit you best (that’s right, getting a disc-full of digital files you’ll barely look at again and will maybe ‘get round to printing’ one day probably isn’t the best option really).

Newborn or Baby Photo Shoot

You will leave feeling fabulous having had fun in my studio, on location or at your wedding.

I will produce for you works of art to keep forever and tell the grand-kids about one day. Or maybe you just want a box of memories to pull out and enjoy time and time again…

You will be happy with your pictures.


Kind regards

Claire x

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