Sarah and Ben got married in Aylesham in the village where I grew up at the local church, St Peter’s

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They were so lucky it was such a beautiful sunny day.  

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Before the wedding I had discussed with them the venue and location for their wedding and reception party.  I did a visit in preparation and whilst I was out looking around the area I found a big field full of green, unripened corn that was growing nearby.


I thought what a lovely place to have some photos taken.  Luckily that day there was a farmer in the field on a tractor so I jumped over his fence and flagged him down.  He must have thought I was crazy (but I wouldn’t like to go on somebody’s property without their permission) I asked him ‘are you the owner of this field?’ and he said yes.  He looked at me quizzically so I explained what I was doing there and the date of the wedding and I asked him if he would mind if I took the bride and groom into his field to take some photographs.  

ben-and-sarah-details-3 ben-and-sarah-ceremony-66 ben-and-sarah-details-11

He said that was no problem whatsoever, so on the day of the wedding after the main pictures were done we left the reception, took a little drive down the road into a country lane around the corner, and then we dragged ourselves through the field to take some fabulous pictures.

We had such fun, and then went back and finish off the party!

 ben-and-sarah-formals-43 ben-and-sarah-ceremony-52 ben-and-sarah-formals-40

Congratulations Ben and Sarah what a lovely wedding and what a beautiful day!

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