When my friend Kristina discovered that her baby inside was going to have a cleft lip she was rather worried.  


I asked her if she would like to have a newborn photo-shoot when the baby was born and she was really concerned that she didn’t know how he would feel about having photographs of her baby with a cleft lip and possible cleft palate.   I reassured her that once the baby is born she won’t even notice it and that if she didn’t have any photographs of her baby later in the future she might regret it.


Luckily she agreed and she came to my Gillingham home photography studio for us to take some beautiful pictures.


Charlie was fabulous and oh my goodness what a stunner he is!  Despite her fears it turned out that his lip was cleft but not his palette and that he wouldn’t need too much surgery to fix it, what a relief!


I absolutely don’t see it when I take when I look at his photographs, all I see is this beautiful little boy sleeping soundly in his gorgeous outfits luckily for him.  


He has a fantastic big sister Sophie and she will look after him and give him lots of love.  She is a doting ‘mother in practice’.



Congratulations Kristina! I’m very pleased for you, and well done Sophie for being a fabulous big sister.

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