I have been lucky enough to be selected to be the wedding photographer for Rebecca and Darren from Herne Bay in Kent.

Darren and Rebecca Engagement Photo Shoot in Swale

As part of their package they were invited along to have an engagement photo shoot at my studio in Kent.   Rebecca and Darren loved having their photograph taken and it provided the ideal opportunity for me to get to know them a little bit better.

Darren and Rebecca Engagement Photo Shoots in Kent
Darren and Rebecca Engagement Photo Shoots in Kent

It also gave us the chance to practice how I like people to pose and what looks good in photographs so there are no surprises on their Wedding Day.

Darren and Rebecca Engagement, Photography Studio in Sittingbourne

They are a lovely couple and they really enjoyed trying a variety of different poses and styles.   I even taught them a few tricks to make each other laugh.  That way their pictures will come out looking much more natural.

Darren and Rebecca Engagement Photo Shoot near Maidstone, Kent

I can’t tell you how funny it is when I ask somebody to do something silly that their partner doesn’t know is coming.. I’ll often take the groom to one side and whisper in his ear something I want him to do or say to the bride to make her laugh.   These things are usually deeply personal to the couple and creates the most natural pictures that you can get.  

Darren and Rebecca Engagement Photo Shoot with couple from Herne Bay in Kent

I’m sure you’ll agree they are obviously completely in love with each other and I can’t wait to photograph a beautiful wedding.

Darren and Rebecca Engagement Photography in Kent

Congratulations Rebecca and Darren on your engagement!

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