Holly got in touch with me because she was pregnant and was looking for some bump photos.



She already had five children and this was going to be number 6 so it was very exciting!  On the day when she came along I was very pleased to see that she has a beautiful big bump and she was very proud of the shape.  She said that she was happy that throughout every pregnancy she was has a lovely big round bump and lots of really lovely movement inside.  

She knew that she was having a boy so we decided to announce it with some blue flowers that she was holding during her shoot and a couple of baby booties in blue.




My favourite image from this maternity shoot is a silhouette against the light background, it really brings out the beautiful feelings that you have:




Luckily that day we also had a lady to curl her hair.  If you want a full makeover for your maternity photo-shoot I’m more than happy to arrange it.  There’s nothing better when you feel a bit rough then to have a lovely pampering so you look gorgeous in your pictures.


     dsc_0039-copy dsc_0023-copy

To book your own maternity photo shoot please get in touch with me at mymhuk@gmail.com

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