I have started offering pet photography and what better way to practice them to take your own dog out to a park and persuade it to stay still for you as you take some pictures!

lulu-24-sept-2016-7-of-9 lulu-24-sept-2016-5-of-9

Now as anybody who is interested in photography (or is interested in working with animals) knows this is always going to be easier said than done, but rest assured I had my trusty assistant (my son) and a big pocket full of little treats.


I sat on the floor and promptly kept throwing treats for the dog, it was hilarious!  She was jumping and twisting to try and catch the streets as I threw them.


I had such fun taking photographs of my little Lulu and I’m sure I would have just as much fun taking the pictures of your pet too!

If you would like to have me come along and take photographs of your pet prices start from just £30 get in touch on mymhuk@gmail.com 

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