Years ago I remember an advert on TV for an energy company that had plasticine characters talking about how they liked their heat to be “easily turn off and on-able.”



I thought they were hilarious and, whilst I was too young to actually worry about my energy prices, I remember them fondly for a much more useful reason – they got you to smile!

A while back I was taking some photos of my child (something I’m trying to do more of), and I kept saying to him “Smile!”. This produces cute, but lets face it, cheesy photos (he hates being told to smile):


You can just about get away with it on kids – but with adults though it looks less than flattering.

So I find myself regularly employing different techniques to get my subjects to give that natural, beaming smile.

Magic Hands Photography

Here’s some ways I’ve found that you can get it:

  • Tell jokes
  • Pull faces
  • Act goofy (esp with kids)
  • Tell a funny story
  • Actually make eye contact and smile

During a wedding shoot I was doing last year I ended up having a wardrobe malfunction and accidently flashing my knickers at the wedding party.

Although I do not recommend this as a regular method of getting people to smile, I certainly got a good shot!

Don’t be afraid to play around if it gets  your subject to smile. The more they are enjoying themselves, the better the smile will be.

What makes you smile?


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