Scott and Claire got married in Ramsgate at St Luke’s Church.

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The church itself had a mezzanine which they used for storage.  When we went to do the practice run at the church a week  before the wedding day I asked the vicar if he would show me a wayto get up to the high mezzanine.  He said it was safe for me to go and take photographs up there but that it was quite tricky to get up to.  He the unlocked a back door and showed me the very old iron spiral staircase that wobbled a little as you climbed it.  

tn_scott-and-claire-wedding-124-of-490 tn_scott-and-claire-wedding-91-of-490 tn_scott-and-claire-wedding-207-of-490

It was narrow, it was dusty and I was honestly a little scared.   However, once I got up to the top and I pushed aside the Nativity decorations and some Easter eggs and I looked over the balcony down on to the church I knew I had absolutely done the right thing!  On the day of the wedding I had to climb up there and take a picture of the couple so with a little bit of arrangement and, making sure that things would be unlocked on the day, I was able to get up and get this shot:


I love being able to do something a little bit different and the vicar at this church was more than happy for me to use lights to climb on his mezzanine and to even go near the altar behind him in order to get some pictures of the happy couple with their friends and family watching the ceremony.  

tn_scott-and-claire-wedding-181-of-490 tn_scott-and-claire-wedding-79-of-490 tn_scott-and-claire-wedding-213-of-490

I thoroughly enjoyed photographing this wedding and at the reception their children are an absolute blast I absolutely love this shot  that I got of Claire’s and Scott’s children climbing on top of each other to try and capture balloon that one of the little ones that accidentally left go of:

tn_scott-and-claire-wedding-245-of-490 tn_scott-and-claire-wedding-254-of-490

It looks precarious but luckily nobody got hurt and the balloon was rescued!


Such a fun wedding such a great party and what a lovely day.  Thank you very much for letting me photograph your special day and congratulations Scott and Claire!!

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