I set up a mini photo booth at the Langley spring fair…

Set up of photo booth at Langly Spring Fair

At that the fair was this beautiful girl who loves to have her photograph taken her name is Summer.  She is a bit of a poser and she knows how gorgeous she is!  She was more than happy in front of my camera showing me all of the poses and teaching me a thing or two about modelling.

dsc_0055-copy dsc_0021-copy 

Thank you so much for being such fun and such a good girl what beautiful pictures she must have a very proud Mummy.


The theme for my shoots at the fair was Vintage Farm and we also had a few stunning other children along for their pictures too!

CP Ditton fair (2) Ditton Fair - Mrs Wallace (12) Ditton Fair - Mrs Wallace (1)

If you would like me to provide a photo booth at your own event just drop me a line for more information.

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