The ultimate question when preparing for your engagement shoot is what to wear and what not to wear.


What to wear?

Engagement shoots focus mainly on the couple in a casual setting so smart-casual clothing is recommended.    But the decisions really should be driven by your personalities and tastes as a couple.
A conversation with your photographer will sort this out.  
Generally it is recommended that there are no bright colours but instead plain muted tones that compliment each other such as whites and dark blues, creams and browns, off-white and jade etc..
One of the reasons for this is that bright colours (especially in a studio with the bright lights) can cast a reflection of the colour onto your skin leaving you looking rather unflattering indeed.
It’s recommended also that there are no large patterns, bright florals or thin stripes as these can detract from the subject (you guys).  The focus should be on you and your love for each other.  

When you are coming for your engagement shoot you should feel free to bring a couple of outfit options for you both.  Then if there is any clashes a change can be proposed.

It’s also a good idea not to wear exact-matching outfits either as this look is a bit dated and doesn’t translate well in the final images.  Gimmicks are best left for other types of shoot.


  • Hair and makeup as you usually would but slightly heavier on the eyes in a studio (as the studio light bleaches colour).
  • Comfortable fit clothing and non restrictive.  
  • Skirt on or below knee where appropriate.
  • Classic wear – nothing too ‘trendy’ as you want your pictures to stand the test of time and still look relevant in 20 years’ time.
  • Long hair looks great with some curl to it.  This can be done at the studio if it’s something you would like.


  • Dark trousers or jeans
  • fitten open-collar shirt or similar, no t-shirts.
  • black socks – no white socks
  • shoes not trainers
Dont forget the engagement ring(s)! 🙂

If you have got engaged why not drop me a line and sse if I am the right fit for your engagement photo shoot?

Examples of outfits for engagement shoots (not photographers own work):
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